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4g Industrial Router(SR700-D)
4g Industrial Router(SR700-D)
4g Industrial Router(SR700-D)
4g Industrial Router(SR700-D)
4g Industrial Router(SR700-D)

4g Industrial Router(SR700-D)

The SR700-D is a rugged 4G LTE router built for industrial IoT and M2M applications. With its compact, DIN rail mountable design, the SR700-D can be easily installed in space-constrained locations. Despite its small form factor, the SR700-D delivers robust connectivity with support for LTE bands worldwide, dual SIM slots for redundancy, and VPN tunneling for secure remote access.
  • Network SupportDual industrial-grade 4G modules, supporting seven-mode networks
  • ModelSR700-D
  • VoltageWide power input DC 5~36V (expandable 5-60V)
  • Interface1 WAN port, 4 LAN ports, 1 RS232, 1 RS485
  • BrandKEY-IOT
  • Dimensions126*44*126mm
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By installing 4G LTE routers like the SR700-D, critical equipment in the field can be connected to cloud platforms to deliver:

- Real-time asset monitoring and diagnostics
- Remote control and automation
- Software and firmware updates over the air (FOTA)
- Industrial big data and analytics
- Video streaming for security and surveillance

For most IIoT use cases, 4G LTE delivers the right blend of high bandwidth (peak speeds over 100 Mbps), low latency (as low as 20 ms), reliability, ubiquitous coverage and security. LTE networks are purpose built for machine-type communications with optimizations for a massive number of low throughput IoT connections.

Key Features of the SR700-D 4G LTE Industrial Router

Now let’s explore why the SR700-D industrial 4G wifi router stands out for enabling IIoT connectivity:

Rugged and Compact Design
While industrial equipment is ruggedized, networking gear deployed in the field also needs to withstand vibration, extreme temperatures and other hazards. The SR700-D router features an extremely compact yet ruggedized enclosure perfect for industrial environments.

With a durable metal housing and extended temperature range (-40°C to 70°C), the SR700-D thrives where other routers would perish. And its compact DIN rail mountable form factor allows installation in space-constrained cabinets alongside industrial equipment.

Dual SIM Support for Carrier Redundancy
Network redundancy is critical for industrial applications where any downtime can be catastrophic. The SR700-D router delivers redundancy through its dual SIM slots which allow using SIM cards from separate network carriers. If the primary carrier has an outage, the router fails over to the secondary carrier for uninterrupted connectivity.

The router also provides radio redundancy through its dual-mode LTE Cat 4 modem which works across a wide range of LTE frequency bands deployed by carriers globally. This maximizes coverage across 4G LTE networks worldwide.

Built-in I/O Interfaces

Legacy industrial systems and sensors rely on wired interfaces like digital I/O and serial ports for control and telemetry. The SR700-D simplifies connecting such equipment to wireless networks through its built-in I/O including:

- 2 x RS-232/422/485 serial ports
- 2 x digital inputs and 2 x digital outputs
- 1 x CAN Bus port

This allows directly connecting PLCs, motor drives, RTUs and other industrial controllers to the router via their native wired interfaces. The router’s built-in I/O removes the need for external protocol converters or gateways.

Secure VPN Connectivity
Secure remote access is paramount for industrial applications, especially with remote monitoring, control and OT software management over the internet. The SR700-D router provides industrial grade security through its integrated virtual private network (VPN) functionality.

The router supports standard VPN protocols like IPsec, OpenVPN and GRE out of the box. This allows setting up encrypted VPN tunnels between field networks and central data centers. VPN access to individual devices connected to the router can also be provided. The military-grade encryption prevents any unauthorized access for secure IIoT connectivity.

Flexible Networking
The SR700-D provides flexible network connectivity suitable for varied IIoT environments. It includes:

- 5 x 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports for connecting multiple wired devices or switches
- 802.11ac WiFi for local wireless connectivity
- 1 x RS-232 console port for CLI based device configuration

Network protocols like VLAN, NAT, DHCP server/relay and DMZ are supported for segmenting local IIoT networks. Serial port forwarding allows remotely accessing serial devices over the cellular network.

With its robust routing functionality and multiple networking interfaces, the SR700-D simplifies interconnecting diverse assets onto cellular IIoT networks.

Centralized Management

Managing thousands of geographically distributed routers and field networks can be complex. The SR700-D helps overcome this through support for centralized management.

The router supports device management platforms like StarLink STAR MANAGER. This enables monitoring a fleet of SR700-D routers remotely from a central NOC. Functions like remote configuration, real-time diagnostics, firewall policies, and OTA firmware upgrades can be executed from the management platform.

For large scale deployments, the SR700-D combined with StarLink’s management platform provides an efficient turnkey solution for managing industrial 4G wifi routers throughout their life cycle.

Reliable Connectivity for Business-Critical IIoT

For IIoT connectivity, reliability is just as important as speed. Network outages can halt critical business operations and lead to major revenue losses. The SR700-D router delivers the rock-solid connectivity demanded by industrial users through features like:

- Dual SIM for uninterrupted cellular redundancy
- Industrial operating temperature range
- Rugged vibration/shock resistance
- Mission-critical VPN security
- Advanced traffic shaping and QoS capabilities
- STAR MANAGER centralized management

These capabilities allow industrial enterprises to deploy cellular wireless WAN with confidence and avoid costly downtime. For business-critical industrial processes, the SR700-D is a highly reliable networking platform.

Ideal Markets and Applications
With its robust design and cellular connectivity, the SR700-D industrial 4G wifi router is ideal for numerous IIoT applications:

Manufacturing Plants
Connecting CNC machines, robots, conveyors, barcode scanners, and sensor-based condition monitoring systems allows real-time manufacturing data to be sent to the cloud for analytics and control.

Energy Industry
Enabling SCADA connectivity for gas pipelines, oil rigs, wind turbines, and power distribution infrastructure for remote monitoring and diagnostics.

Transportation Sector
Onboard connectivity for fleet vehicles like trucks, buses, trains, and vessels allows tracking, telemetry and passenger WiFi hotspots.

Mining Sites
Connecting excavation equipment, drilling rigs, underground sensors and providing LTE connectivity for miners through mesh networks or WiFi hotspots.

Smart Cities
Outdoor connectivity for real-time data collection from urban IoT infrastructure - traffic cameras, environmental sensors, digital signs and parking meters.

Remote Asset Monitoring
Solar inverters, generators, pumps, and storage tanks dispersed across a wide geography can be connected over cellular networks back to headquarters.

There are unlimited possibilities for utilizing the SR700-D router due to the ubiquity of 4G LTE networks spanning urban and rural areas globally.


As IIoT adoption accelerates, so does the need for wireless connectivity that is reliable, secure and rugged enough for harsh industrial environments. With its robust design and focus on reliability, the SR700-D industrial 4G wifi router delivers on these requirements.

For system integrators and enterprises looking to deploy large scale IIoT solutions, the SR700-D provides a turnkey cellular networking platform. From its dual SIM redundancy to hardened enclosure and centralized management, the SR700-D router has been engineered from the ground up for industrial applications. As industrial users transition to IIoT, the SR700-D provides the robust and secure wireless connectivity that is the foundation for reaping IIoT benefits.

     Hardware Performance
Memory 256MB
WIFI (optional) 2.4G supports 802.11b/g/n, with a maximum speed of 300Mbps
Network support Dual industrial-grade 4G modules, supporting seven-mode networks
System time Time synchronization using NTP technology, with built-in RTC
WAN port 1 WAN port
LAN port 4 ports (10M/100M/1000M adaptive MDI/MDIX port)
SIM card interface 2 slots (drawer-type card slot, supporting 1.8V/3V SIM/UIM cards)
Reset 1 (reset button)
Antenna interface 4 ports (4G antenna, 50-ohm impedance, SMA female inner hole interface)
2 ports (2.4G antenna, 50-ohm impedance, SMA inner pin interface)
Power terminal 1 terminal (2-pin 3.81mm pitch connector)
Console port 1 RS232, 1 RS485
Indicators 9 (1 PWR indicator, 1 SYS indicator, 3 signal strength indicators, sim1, sim2, 1 WiFi indicator, 1 NET indicator)
Characteristics Power External power adapter (12V 1A)
Operating voltage Wide power input DC 5~36V (expandable 5-60V)
Standby power consumption 150~230mA@12V DC
Operating power consumption 250~310mA@12V DC
Operating conditions  
Operating temperature -35~+75℃ (-31~+167℉)
Storage temperature -40~+85℃ (-40~+185℉)
Operating humidity 5%~95% (non-condensing)
Device ventilation Natural heat dissipation ,no noise
Physical Characteristics  
Enclosure Full metal enclosure
Dimensions Length*width*height 126*44*126mm (excluding antenna and installation accessories)
Installation method Desktop placement, rail installation, wall mounting
Weight Net weight: 0.67KG (excluding antenna and installation accessories)
Gross weight: 0.95KG (with accessories and packaging box)
Device Safety and Reliability  
Safety and Reliability Reverse polarity protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection; Ethernet interface built-in 1.5KV electromagnetic isolation protection; RS232/RS485 interface built-in 15KV ESD protection; SIM/UIM card interface built-in 15KV ESD protection
Protection level IP30
Certification Compliant with CCC, RoHS
MTBF ≥ 100,000 hours
Software Features  
Network access Supports APN VPDN
Access authentication Supports CHAP/PAP authentication
LAN protocol Supports ARP, Ethernet
WAN protocol Supports static IP, DHCP, PPPoE, PPP
IP applications Supports Ping, Trace, DHCP Server, DHCP Relay, DHCP Client, DNS relay, DDNS, Telnet
IP routing Supports routing
NAT function Supports network address translation
Industrial protocols Supports environmental protection 212 protocol, supports MQTT, MUDBUS, and other industrial protocols
Network Security
Firewall Full state packet inspection (SPI), prevention of denial of service (Dos) attacks, filtering of multicast Ping packets, access control lists (ACLs), content URL filtering, port mapping, virtual IP mapping, IP-MAC binding
Data Security IPsec VPN/L2TP/PPTP/GRE/OPEN VPN/CA certificate
Backup function Supports wired, dual 4G, and Wi-Fi backup
Link online monitoring Sends heartbeat packets for detection and automatically reconnects when disconnected
Embedded watchdog Equipment runs self-checking technology, and equipment automatically repairs faults
WLAN (optional).
Protocol Standards IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Speed Supports 300Mbps
Security features Open system, shared key, WPA/WPA2 authentication, WEP/TKIP/AES encryption
Operating mode AP, Client mode
Transmission distance 100m (actual transmission distance depends on the environment)
Integrated DTU function Supports TCP, UDP transparent transmission mode, TCP Server mode, supports Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP bridge, supports DCUDP, DCTCP mode
Network Management  
QoS management Supports bandwidth limitation, IP speed limit
Configuration method Supports telnet, web, ssh, and console configuration methods
Upgrade method Supports web upgrade, supports FOTA
Log function Supports local system logs, remote logs, serial port output logs
Network management function Supports StarLink STAR Device Manager platform, batch management
Simple network management function Supports SNMP v1/v2/v3, supports SNMP TRAP function
Traffic management Supports traffic threshold setting, supports traffic statistics and traffic alarm function
Maintenance tools Ping, route tracing
Status query System status, modem status, network connection status, route status






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