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KEY-IOT provides customers with safe and stable wireless data transmission terminals, 4G/5G industrial routers, edge computing gateways, industrial Ethernet switches, industrial smart gateways and other wireless communication products; and provides customers with sensors, collection, and communications based on their actual application industries.

cloud platform as an integrated solution, it has been applied in power remote monitoring systems, environmental protection online monitoring systems, industrial equipment remote maintenance monitoring systems and other scenarios. The advantage of the company’s products is that in terms of security, it supports the docking of various security protocols to ensure data Truly safe and reliable.

Strong Technical Team Customizable
5000㎡ Production base
1000+ Project Selection

Company History

KEY-IOT company established
Obtained municipal high-tech enterprise certification Obtained national high-tech enterprise certification Software enterprise
Specialized, special, new and certified innovative enterprise establishes transportation division
We are working hard and hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with you to create brilliance together.
First million order to move office
The first 5 million order relocation office passed Huawei technical certification IS09001 certification
Relocated office 1200㎡ and established water conservancy department

R & D team

KEY-IOT has assembled a robust R&D team of over 100 engineers to drive technology innovation.The hardware team has 50 engineers covering RF design, analog/digital circuit design, PCB layout, prototype assembly, and more. They rapidly build and test multiple design iterations.There are 30 software experts in embedded systems, device drivers, security, cloud platforms, and mobile apps.

Using agile methods, they deliver rapid increments.The mechanical team of 10 engineers excels at industrial design for ruggedness, thermal control, and compact form factors.A quality team of 5 engineers executes extensive functionality, stress, and environmental testing to ensure product reliability.The overall culture emphasizes continuous learning, collaboration, and keeping ahead of the latest technologies. This large and diverse team allows KEY-IOT to fully develop and manufacture its products in-house.

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Pioneering and innovative, enterprising, quality first, realistic and innovative, honest and law-abiding, win-win cooperation

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