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Smart Water Management

Explore how industrial wireless communication technologies revolutionize water management practices. Discover real-world use cases showcasing the application of 4G/5G routers, gateways, and LTE modems in enabling smart water metering, leak detection, water quality monitoring, and efficient irrigation. Learn how our cutting-edge solutions empower water utilities and organizations to optimize resources, reduce waste, and ensure a sustainable water future.

  • Water Plant Monitoring Solution Translation


    As an intelligent industrial IoT gateway device, Startdtu DTU200 has been widely used in industrial fields to enable device interconnection and real-time data transmission. Here, we will introduce a project case of Startdtu DTU200 in industrial co...

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  • Reservoir Safety Monitoring Solution


    As urban and rural water conservancy construction continues to develop, reservoir safety monitoring has become increasingly important. This article introduces a reservoir safety monitoring solution based on DTU200 and SG500 industrial gateways, co...

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