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The application cases of industrial robot remote control primarily demonstrate the pursuit of improved production efficiency, cost reduction, and operational safety in modern industrial production.


Industrial robots and control consoles are networked via Wi-Fi, enabling remote control and monitoring through wireless networks. The robot mainly consists of an intelligent control system, hydraulic drive system, mechanical transmission system, video monitoring system, and other components that ensure the stability of the machine's operation. CAN communication is used, with the control room connected to the on-site robot via a CAN bus. Due to the frequent movement of robots, CAN communication cables can experience wear or contact issues. By converting CAN signals to Wi-Fi network information, wireless connections between the two ends are achieved, saving cable costs and making networking more convenient.

Solution Components:

Industrial Robot The robot is equipped with various sensors and actuators, capable of completing complex production tasks. It has an integrated CAN communication module for receiving and sending data.
CAN Communication This module is responsible for converting the robot's control instructions and status information into data formats on the CAN bus, enabling data transmission with the remote control center. The module also features error detection and correction functions to ensure reliable data transmission.
Remote Control Center Communicates with the robot via CAN bus to achieve remote operation. The control center can receive status information from the robot, perform real-time monitoring, and send control instructions to adjust the robot's working state.

Recommended Product for the Solution:

 Vehicle Gateway  Vehicle Gateway

Type: Wi-Fi Industrial Router Model: SV900-N
Key Features and Interfaces:
Network ports: M12 aviation connector, 1 Gigabit WAN, 4 Gigabit LAN
Serial ports: M12 aviation connector, 1RS232, 1RS485, 1*CAN
Power interface: M12 aviation connector
Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz

Case use products:

Industrial Robot Remote Control Application Case Study

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