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Industrial 4G Router: Mainstream Seven-Mode 4G Networks and Optional Dual-Band WiFi

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I am delighted to have the opportunity to fully introduce this uniquely featured star product to you. I am confident that after this introduction, you will be impressed by the powerful capabilities and outstanding performance of the SR600. It will surely become an indispensable assistant in your IoT applications and an accelerator for the digital transformation of your industry.

Industrial  4G Router



The SR600 is an all-in-one industrial wireless gateway that integrates 4G, VPN, WiFi and other technologies. It not only supports global mainstream seven-mode 4G networks and optional dual-band WiFi for easy wireless access, but also provides up to 5 Ethernet ports, including 1 WAN port and 4 LAN ports for flexible networking to build complex network topologies. This modular hardware design gives the SR600 tremendous flexibility to adapt to the individual networking needs of various industries.

More excitingly, the SR600 delivers exceptional performance in data security and business continuity. It features a next-generation high-performance hardware firewall with multiple security mechanisms like DoS protection, access control, URL filtering, and supports mainstream VPN protocols like IPSEC and OPENVPN to comprehensively safeguard data confidentiality and integrity. Meanwhile, watchdog and link backup technologies maximize device availability, keeping your mission-critical services always online. This array of security and reliability measures makes the SR600 an “armed guard” for the industrial internet.


Industrial  4G RouterAs a product designed for harsh industrial environments, the SR600 also showcases unique ingenuity in reliability and environmental adaptability. Its full metal enclosure, IP30 protection rating, fanless cooling design, and extra-wide operating temperature range ensure stable operation under various adverse conditions. Its extraordinarily long MTBF and extremely low failure rate have made users sing high praises of its dependability. The SR600 has demonstrated with its performance what “industrial-grade quality” means.

A major highlight of the SR600 is its open software platform. It adopts the Linux OpenWrt system and provides full open APIs for secondary development. With the SDK and code samples offered by our company, you can give full play to your creativity and customize unique applications to infinitely extend the product’s possibility. Open, flexible and customizable – this is the core concept of the SR600, which will tremendously boost the industry’s innovation vitality.

For deployment and management, the SR600 provides multiple convenient configuration methods like web, CLI, SSH that enable bulk remote deployment, greatly simplifying engineering implementation. Its built-in StarLink STAR DEVICE MANAGER cloud platform and SNMP allow unified management of geographically dispersed devices, making network O&M unprecedentedly efficient. “Plug-and-play, centralized management” – the SR600 makes your network deployment and management extraordinarily easy.

In addition to the above features, the SR600 has many other unique strengths: it supports transparent transmission, Modbus gateway and other industrial protocols for easy data cloud access of conventional devices; its built-in high-precision hardware clock can synchronize time via NTP to ensure data timestamp accuracy; it supports various physical interfaces like RS232/485 for seamless integration with industrial equipment; its wide voltage design supports 5-36V power supply, optional DC 220V, adapting to various power environments…These advantages make the SR600 stand out from similar products and take the lead in the industry.

20240708082724168Choosing the SR600 means choosing leading-edge technologies that drive the industry forward, trusting quality products that you can rely on, and embarking on the expressway to the future of smart interconnection. I am convinced that with its empowerment, your IoT journey will gain new momentum, and the beautiful vision of everything interconnected will soon become tangible.


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